Trapping is a legitimate and indispensable activity for regulating wildlife populations. Without trapping, overpopulation of certain species - including invasive alien species - can occur, with serious potential consequences for human health, private property and ecosystems. FACE together with its partners developed the Best Practice Guidelines on Trapping Mammals in Europe with the aim to ensure a high standard of welfare for trapped animals and to minimise any non-target captures.
FACE represents 7 million European hunters and therefore a large group of active and passionate conservationists investing countless work hours and financial resources in the conservation of biodiversity and habitats. FACE developed the Biodiversity Manifesto in 2010 to demonstrate the pro-active role hunting plays in nature conservation. Many FACE Members and hunters are undertaking actions outlined in the Biodiversity Manifesto. FACE aims to provide concrete numbers & figures quantifying what hunters and their organisations do for Biodiversity. FACE will showcase existing examples of hunters engagement for biodiversity by presenting case studies of projects and intitiatives.
European Hunters join the European Platform to help resolve conflicts over large carnivores. FACE was one of the 8 parties signing the agreement that seeks to resolve conflicts occurring between humans and the increasing populations of wolves, bears, lynx and wolverine in Europe. After two years of preparatory work the Platform on Coexistence between People and Large Carnivores, promoted by the European Commission, was signed in Brussels on June 10th, between European key stakeholder organisations in the presence of Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik.